The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour

Exhibition Details

The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour
141st Annual Exhibition

The RSW’s 141st Exhibition will take place at the Royal Scottish Academy building in Edinburgh in December
Artists working in water-based media across the UK are invited to apply to be part of the largest display of water-based work in Scotland.
The RSW believes that painting using thin films of water-based pigment is a unique skill, the mastery of which confirms the painter's commitment to their art. For the viewer, the primacy of such skill conveys a particular richness, and for those who use the medium themselves, the art watercolour provides a direct inspiration.
To this end, in our membership, exhibitions, prize giving and all other activities we curate to promote this singular and beautiful technique.

Entry Deadline: 30 October 2021 Midnight

Key Dates

Artist Entry Dates
Open for Online Entry: October 9th 2021
Entry Deadline Date: October 30th 2021
Entry Deadline Time: Midnight

Selection Dates
Selection Notification: 9th November 2021 after which successful works will be invited for physical submission.

Artwork Delivery:  Sunday 28th & Monday 29th November 2021

Exhibition Dates
Handing back of unselected work: Saturday 4th December 2 - 4pm
Private View:  Friday 10th December 2021, 2 - 4pm
Exhibition Open to Public: Saturday 11th December
Exhibition Closes: Monday 27th December 
Collection of unsold work: Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th December


Entry Pricing

Standard Prices.
Maximum Artwork Entries: 2
First or Single Entry Price: £10.00
Additional Entries: £10.00 per artwork up to 2 artworks.

Exhibition Entry Information

General Information

This Call for Entries is for water-based works on paper.  This year, because of a very tight schedule, we are only able to accommodate artists working in the U.K.

All aspects of the exhibition have the potential to be affected by the pandemic and related restrictions.


Nature of Works  All works must be in a water based medium on paper. Works submitted must be framed, suitably presented and able to be hung. Any unsuitable presentation may prejudice the hanging of a painting. 

Works which have already been shown in Edinburgh in an open Exhibition are not admissible.

Online Submissions  Works may now be submitted online until midnight on 30th October for Stage 1 selection.  Thereafter artists will be required to log in to the OESS system to be advised of works accepted at Stage 1 selection and these works should then be submitted to the RSA Galleries on Receiving Day.

Submission Fee   £10 per work. To be paid with online submission or by cash or cheque payable to RSW at RSA Galleries on Receiving Day.

Physical Submissions   If selected for submission works must be free of all hooks and clearly marked ‘This Way Up’. The enclosed label must be fully completed and securely attached by string and tape to the back of the painting. The string should be long enough to allow the label to easily hang over the front of the work.

Anyone selected to submit work to the gallery must adhere to the COVID safety guidelines as laid down by the Scottish Government, National Galleries and RSW. It should be presumed that a face mask/covering will be necessary when delivering work. Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in the work not being accepted.

Hanging Fee There is a £20 hanging fee for each work selected. Invoices requesting payment will be issued once it is known which works have been accepted.

Works Damaged or Lost   Every possible care will be taken of the works sent but the Society will not be responsible for any injury or loss which may be sustained while in the exhibition or in transit to or from it.  The Society does not insure the exhibits.             

Wrapping It is acceptable for works to be submitted with shrink wrap around the frames. All other wrapping must be removed from the gallery. The RSW will not dispose of or store any wrapping materials. When collecting unsold work please bring your own wrapping materials.

We encourage all artists to consider the sustainability of their wrapping materials.

Any work not adhering to the above conditions may, at the Discretion of the Council/Hanging Committee, be rejected.

Parking There is no vehicle access for individuals at the RSA.

Delivery All works must be delivered to the South Entrance (facing National Galleries), Royal Scottish Academy Building, The Mound, Edinburgh. There is no vehicle access at the RSA. Artists should make every attempt to use carriers or to come on foot/by public transport. Group deliveries can be arranged in advance with the Administrator. A registration number will be required and specific time for delivery arranged. 

Local carrier:  Stuart Horsburgh, Van-Go Go 2

Mobile: 07867 501778 


Removal of Works  No works can be removed until the Exhibition closes under any circumstances.  All works must be uplifted on the dates stated.  There is no storage of any kind at the RSA.

Commission on Sales  All exhibitors will be charged a commission of 40% on the sale price of work sold in the Exhibition. Please take this into account when pricing your work. All works must be for sale with the exception of loan works.

Communications All communication will be by email or via the online login process. Applicants will be required to login to see if they have been preselected and print a label and Data Protection Form to be delivered with the artwork if invited to physically submit the work.    

By submitting to the exhibition, you are deemed to accept and agree to the following:

The Selection Committee will select the works for the exhibition. The Selectors will consider all correctly completed submissions. The decision of the Selectors on all matters is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

I understand that The Organisers reserves the right to make such changes to the exhibition arrangements and these Terms & Conditions as may be deemed necessary by circumstances.

I authorise The Organisers To process, store, and utilise the data in my submission and agree that, if selected for exhibition, images of my work can be freely used by The Organisers, The Gallery and associated organisations for promotional and publicity purposes.

All information provided by me is true and accurate and that the work submitted is wholly of my own creation.

I have read and understood these terms and conditions and by submitting this application I accept and agree to observe all the Terms and Conditions therein.

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